‘Ballin’ For the Bahamas’: Columbia basketball game offering relief after Hurricane Dorian

‘Ballin’ For the Bahamas’: Columbia basketball game offering relief after Hurricane Dorian

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - It’s been a week since Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, leaving death and devastation behind. Hundreds of miles away, right here in the Midlands, one community is trying to help.

Sunday afternoon, Midlands DJs, rappers, and socialites all laced up to play a charity game for families who need help in the Bahamas.

“We’re used to hurricanes, but never thought that anything like this would happen to us,” said Jade Russell, who evacuated to Columbia from the Bahamas.

Russell was able to get to Columbia after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands last week, leaving death and wreckage behind.

“A lot of flooding, plenty homes got destroyed,” Russell said. “A lot of people didn’t have anywhere to go. Debris. Bodies are actually still in the water system.”

As Russell’s sister, Jasmine Forbes, learned about the damage in her hometown, she and her husband Eric Flee Emedoh knew they had to step in.

They wanted to make sure they did it with a fundraiser that balled out.

“We got a charity basketball game,” Emedoh said. “All donations are going to the Bahamas. Everybody comes together when there’s a cause in need. No matter what’s going on, they feel like it’s okay to help others, and I love that about Columbia, South Carolina.”

From water to cash donations, “Ballin For The Bahamas” organizers say the plan is to give folks in the Bahamas whatever they may need as they move to rebuild and recover after the storm.

“Hold on help is coming,” Forbes said. “Everyone cares about you. Many people vacation in the Bahamas they go on cruises. We need as much help as we can get because of the state that my island, that my country is in, is truly devastating.”

Organizers say if you’re interested in sending any donations or supplies down to the Bahamas, it’s not too late.

“We got their back,” Forbes said. “People in the Bahamas can know that if no one else has their back, Columbia, South Carolina has their back.”

They’ll be accepting donations all week over at Sonny’s SportsPlex on 578 Anders Drive in Columbia.

Right now, they say there’s a big need for baby supplies in the aftermath of that storm.

Organizers and some of the participants in today’s event are planning to personally take the donations and supplies down to the port to make sure that everything is distributed properly to the Bahamians who need them.

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