'Do It For Daniel’: Camden mom leading the charge for car seat safety checks

Camden mom leading the charge for car seat safety checks

CAMDEN, S.C. (WIS) - Parents in Camden rode out for the Second Annual “Do It For Daniel Child Car Seat and Booster Check.”

After losing her young son, Sara Beth Bradley knows how important it is to make sure every child is buckled up properly-no matter how short the trip may be. That’s why she’s trying to make sure other parents in Camden know that safety has to always come first.

Saturday in the Camden Chick-Fil-A parking lot, everyone was focused on one thing.

“If one child can leave here and be safer, then our mission is accomplished,” said Pediatrician Dr. Nichole Hill.

Police, Fire, and local health care professionals all worked together to make sure little ones in our area are buckled up and riding around safely.

Bradley is taking the lead to make sure they’re strapped in safely every time you hit the road.

“It only takes one, one time to cause an accident,” Bradley said.

Bradley knows personally that being careless on one quick trip could be fatal. She lost her son Daniel when the person watching him failed to strap him in properly.

“Daniel was with a family member who had a car seat in their car and it had been installed properly,” Bradley said. “We’d been over how to use it. They just made a very poor decision at that time and thought that they were just going right down the road, and they did not have him buckled in and they were in an accident, and unfortunately, it was a fatal accident and we lost him.”

Now, Bradley is working to make sure parents know that children need to be buckled in for each trip, no matter how short. She’s doing it all for Daniel.

“I try really hard to change that mindset and really tell people how important this is and, through my story, explain why it’s important,” Bradley said.

Bradley says that even if you missed today’s event, it’s not too late to make sure your child can stay safe.

She says you can stop by the Camden Fire Department, where certified technicians check for free to make sure those car seats are properly installed.

Organizers say they checked more than 100 car seats this afternoon, free of charge.

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