SC family finds more than 80,000 bees in house wall

Tens of thousands of bees were found in the wall of a James Island home.
Tens of thousands of bees were found in the wall of a James Island home.
Updated: Aug. 31, 2019 at 10:54 AM EDT
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JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - One James Island family was in for an un-bee-lievable surprise when they poked a hole in their wall.

That’s when a few dozen bees flooded their bedroom, but they didn’t know then how many more remained.

“That’s when we knew we had a situation on our hands,” Molly Pali, the homeowner, said. “I don’t know what makes bees buzz, but we did not hear anything.”

It was in fact an exterminator who was spraying for wasps who spotted the hive, and the family’s daughter, Annie Prochazka, who saw a lot of them.

“I saw bees flying around on the inside of my window,” she said. “I knew there was something going on, because there were so many bees everywhere.”

Days later, Jim Strohm, a bee expert, arrived and cut open a one-foot-by-four-foot hole in the wall, revealing a massive hive that was home to more than 80,000 bees.

“There were three combs in there, and they were packed with the nurse bees.” Pali said. “The top was full of honey.”

Strohm then safely vacuumed up the bees.

“I’ll cut the comb out and save as much as I can of it,” Strohm said. “Then I’ll rubberband it and put it inside of a hive.”

Those hives were a few miles away in West Ashley, and the bees were safely placed inside. They are now pollunating a farm.

As for the family, they’re just happy they were able to save the bees and get quite a few pints of honey of it.

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