Study: Running red lights causes 10-year high in fatalities nationwide

Updated: Aug. 29, 2019 at 7:08 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - If it feels like more people are ignoring red lights, you're right.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety just released a study showing more drivers are running red lights or trying to beat yellow lights and it’s causing more crashes and fatalities.

Their study shows 939 people were killed nationwide when they ran red lights in 2017. That’s a 10-year high and a 28% increase since 2012. In South Carolina in 2017, AAA reports there were 11 red light-running fatalities, bringing the total to 127 since 2008.

To prevent red light crashes, follow these simple steps.

First, prepare to stop: Pay attention to the road, limit distractions, and position your foot near the brake to press it as you approach the stop.

Next, use good judgment: Keep a close eye on green lights that have been green a long time. They are more likely to turn yellow as you arrive at the intersection.

Tap the brake: Tap your brakes a couple of times before you brake to stop. This will catch the attention of drivers who may be distracted behind you.

Also, Drive defensively: At a stop after the light has turned green for you, take a second and look both ways before pressing the gas.

All of those steps will go a long way to preventing needless crashes and fatalities on the roads.

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