My Take: Clearing up confusion on the SCANA settlement checks

My Take: Clearing up confusion on the SCANA settlement checks

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Over the past week, we have been flooded with questions and comments from WIS viewers about refund checks from the former SCANA and SCE&G.

Many people have walked to their mailboxes and found a check inside. However, that happiness quickly disappears when they see the amount enclosed.

We’ve heard about checks ranging from $50 all the way down to just a few cents.

Those amounts have left some people saying, “is this for real?”

Yes, it’s very real.

For some, it seems like a pittance after years and years of paying for the failed V.C. Summer nuclear project.

There also seems to be a lot of confusion with some people wondering about the supposed $1,000 checks that were at one time being promised.

We want to once again clear up that confusion.

First, the $1,000 check WILL NEVER come. That possibility ended when state leaders opted instead for long-term bill relief instead of up-front money from new owner Dominion Energy.

The checks currently going out have nothing to do with that situation.

The checks are a refund from the settlement of a class-action lawsuit over the V.C. Summer failure. As a result, $115 million was set aside to a common benefit fund.

Dominion Energy is not issuing the checks and they did not determine the amount sent out. The money is from a claims administrator.

The truth is, no clear-cut method has been established for individual customers to determine exactly how much to expect.

What is for certain is customers continue to pay for the colossal failure of V.C. Summer.

As the complaints continue, we will likewise continue to work to get you the answers you deserve.

That’s my take, what’s yours?

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