White Knoll High School student threatens to shoot up school, hurt himself

White Knoll High School student threatens to shoot up school, hurt himself

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said a White Knoll High School student faces charges after making online threats to shoot up his school and kill himself.

Deputies said that they were able to act swiftly because of a concerned student who reported the threat to the school early yesterday morning.

“Anytime someone has a concern, share that as soon as you can,” Captain Adam Myrick said. “See something, say something. It’s certainly more than a cliché and in this case, it ended up being very valuable and very important.”

LCSD interviewed the suspect yesterday afternoon and charged him with making threats to a school.

Deputies issued a summons to appear in Lexington County Family Court at a later date.

The student is currently suspended, but administrators say he’s been recommended for expulsion.

“This situation was almost as close to perfection as you can get,” Captain Myrick said. “The student who saw the post and became concerned about the post immediately made someone in authority aware of it. They went through their proper protocols and then immediately shared that with us.”

He’s currently in the custody of his parents and is undergoing a mental evaluation.

The Sheriff’s Department said this mental evaluation is due to the threat to harm himself and does not relate to future court proceedings.

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health Suicide Prevention Director, Alex Kardi, said it’s important to create a plan of support for an individual after this type of feeling has been expressed.

“The next steps is you would want to screen somebody to get a good idea of the intensity and the level of stress that this person is experimenting surrounding suicidal ideation and behavior,” Kardi said.

“Then you want to make sure you build that transition of care.”

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said no weapons were confiscated from the student’s home.

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