Saluda pastor implements gun buy back program following gun violence incidents

Saluda pastor implements gun buy back program amidst gun violence incidents

SALUDA, S.C. (WIS) - A Saluda pastor is going beyond thoughts and prayers for gun violence victims by implementing a gun buy back program within her community.

Reverend Hillary Taylor is a pastor at Bethany-Zoar United Methodist Church.Taylor says she got the idea from a pair of Christian authors.

“What good is saying, ‘Oh, bless you, neighbor,’ without actually feeding your neighbor or making sure your neighbor’s needs are taken care of," Taylor said.

Although similar programs have been implemented in larger cities for some time, this will be the first one of its kind in rural South Carolina. Taylor says that the guns they receive will be re-purposed and turned into gardening tool or potentially community art.

Taylor herself is a gun owner and says that the response from the community has been mostly good but there has been some push back.

She says she isn’t trying to force anyone to give up a gun but just wants to provide another option.

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