Water quality advisory issued for several Columbia communities

Water quality advisory issued for several Columbia communities

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Columbia Water has issued a water quality notification after several customers reported brown water coming from their faucets this morning.

In a release, Columbia Water said the issue was caused by a power interruption overnight which led to a fluctuation in finished water pressure leaving the Canal Water Treatment Plant.

This pressure fluctuation may have created a temporary discoloration of the water because of sediment and material from the water pipes.

(Source: Sam Chesnutt)
(Source: Sam Chesnutt)

“Typically our canal plant, we’re running our high service pumps which send out finished water to the distribution system 24/7-365, so they never turn off. If we do lose power, our generator kicks on and most of the time that’s seamless, last night that transition was not seamless," Assistant City Manager for Columbia Water Clint Shealy said. "So we lost pumping for a short period of time. When that happens, there’s still pressure in the system, but it creates the potential for the flow to reverse in the pipes and so when you’ve had flow going one way for a long period of time and you back that flow up another way, it can create some discoloration in the water.”

Reported areas affected:

  • Forest Acres
  • Earlewood
  • Rosewood
  • Shandon
  • Bluff Road
  • Veterans Road
  • Garners Ferry Road
  • Polo Road
  • Decker Blvd
  • Alpine Road

It is possible that you may experience discolored water at other locations.

"We initially thought that the issue was going to be isolated to the area around the water plant. We began receiving calls this morning and by late morning we realized that the extent was more widespread and that a notification was warranted. That’s the benefit of customers calling in their issues,” Shealy said.

Columbia Water stated that the water is safe to drink, however, distribution crews will be flushing the potentially affected areas to ensure the water is clear.

Customers experiencing any discoloration or water quality issues are encouraged to call the City of Columbia Customer Care Center at (803)-545-3300.

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