‘We have lost our way’: Sanford two weeks away from decision to run

Sanford two weeks away from decision to run

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is at the halfway point as he decides whether to primary President Trump.

His drive for reducing the national debt is fueling his desire to run, but he is cautious.

"We have lost our ways, we used to be a part of financial discipline we are not right now," said Sanford.

In addition to wanting to take time to get more feedback on his decision to run and gauge interest, he is familiar with the spotlight a national campaign puts on the candidate's personal life.

"I have imperfections they are well chronicled they are out there and on some level you'd be a human piñata. And all that would be brought back to the front and you don't want to go through that movie again," Sanford said. "That's a larger conversation you have to have with folks that don't know you across the country, and so that's a fairly intimidating thought that would hold anyone back."

Yet, he did say President Trump, "certainly lives in a glass house on a lot of different fronts."

However, he believes almost $23 trillion debt accumulated by the U.S. government is a threat concerning a lot of Republicans.

"We have lost our ways, we used to be a part of financial discipline we are not right now, we are 25% above where Obama's spending was."

He compares it to severe weather- a fear many in the Palmetto state are all too familiar with.

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"It's as if there's a hurricane is approaching the coast of South Carolina, and you know the couple days before a hurricane hits is always the nicest day. We are saying 'it's pretty nice outside now what do we need to worry about?' What we need to worry about is math works and we are walking our way into a financial math trap," he said.

He understands there are difficulties simply getting on the ballot in his home state, a decision that the Republican State Executive Committee will make on September 7th.

"At least on the coast, there's not an appetite for some of what the Trump agenda has been about," he said.

In response to Sanford’s run the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican party, Drew McKissick said, “The last time Mark Sanford had an idea dumb, it killed his governorship.”

Sanford says certain comments Trump has made, in particular, his attacks on four minority, progressive congresswomen, are un-American.

"When you say to 'go home, they need to go home,' that's contrary to the American system...we can disagree strongly, but no one goes home," said the former governor.

With just two weeks before his self-created deadline, he is hoping people will reach out to him.

Information on how to contact him can be found here.

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