South Carolinians have negative reaction to Mueller hearing online

South Carolinians have negative reaction to Mueller hearing online

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's testimony dominated television, but it also was one of the top trending topics on Twitter.

However, it wasn't a positive conversation.

According to the USC Social Media Insights Lab, a vast majority of the posts about the hearings were negative among Democrats and Republicans. As the hearings were ending, 32.7% of emotional posts expressed disgust and 24.3% expressing sadness, according to USC. Joy was the 4th most common emotion but was expressed nearly half of disgust.

"No matter how you feel, where you stand politically, people are coming to social media to express a lot of negative opinion about this particular case," says Kaitlyn Park, the manager of USC's Social Media Insights Lab.

President Donald Trump propelled most of the conversation in South Carolina. People were discussing the President and also reposting his words and phrases surrounding the hearing and report.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was also a big influencer of online conversation. The South Carolina Senator was retweeted a significant amount today by South Carolinians, according to Park.

"Retweet is the easiest way for someone to endorse an opinion they see happening in the conversation," she said.

The lab found most of the negative reaction from South Carolinians were tweets supporting Republican criticism of the hearings.

Some also expressed frustration at Mueller for being passive and not presenting facts they considered incriminating. Also, many were frustrated at members of Congress for being seemingly more concerned with their own talking points rather than learning new information from the Former Special Counsel.

The lab also found there to be a significant number of posts online. There were double the amount of posts for the Robert Mueller hearing as compared to Attorney General William Barr’s testimony in May.

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