Lexington Deputy hit by drunk driver battling critical injuries

Lexington Deputy hit by drunk driver battling critical injuries

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - Troopers say a Lexington Deputy was hit by a drunk driver on June 8th. The Deputy, Roy Hall, has been battling critical injuries since that accident six weeks ago.

He’s been battling critical injuries including internal bleeding, sciatic nerve damage, and an injured femur since that day.

“It’s hard for him not knowing if he’s going to be able to go back to work,” Brittany Hall, Roy’s wife said. “Or to know if he’s going to be able to walk without a limb for the rest of his life.”

Roy was discharged from the hospital two weeks ago, but he had to go back just four days later due to nerve pain.

Brittany says that for Roy and her four kids, the unknown has been the hardest part.

“A normal 8-year-old is supposed to be playing all day,” Brittany Hall said. “But she will be playing and then start crying because not only has he been taken, I’ve been taken from them also right now”

Meanwhile, a local organization is working to ease the burden during this difficult time. Serve and Connect has raised over 30,000 dollars for the Hall Family.

Kassy Alia started the organization, which seeks to build community and police partnerships after her husband died in the line of service in Forest Acres in 2015.

“The memories, the feelings,” Alia said. “I can deeply put myself into the shoes of those family members and it's hard but it’s one of the most important things that we do.”

It’s that support from Alia and others that have helped Brittany get through a difficult time.

“With the love and support from Kassy and the sheriff's department and people we don’t even know,” Brittany Hall said. “It’s gotten us through to know that people care.”

Michael Nichols, who was charged with a DUI after hitting Roy Hall, was denied bond.

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