Severe storms cause damage to Lugoff businesses

Severe storms cause damage to Lugoff businesses

LUGOFF, S.C. (WIS) - As storms rolled through our area, some areas were hit particularly hard.

There were several businesses that sustained some serious damage in Lugoff after that wind, rain, and hail pushed through. Several WIS viewers called in to have our teams check out damage at the Lugoff House of Pizza.

Employees said part of the roof was torn off at that restaurant, causing water damage inside the building.

In the same area, a few drive-thru restaurants were left with downed trees, as well as damaged signs and siding.

We spoke to two men who were out four-wheeling when the storm began. They took shelter during the worst of the storm but decided to spring into action after things cleared.

“We saw some people that were stuck in the mud,” said Zachary Whiting. “Got the chain, didn’t worry about getting dirty or nothing, just pulled them out.”

His brother, Jose Delgado, said the most intense parts of the storm probably lasted about “five to seven minutes.”

There is still a lot of storm debris out in the area, and several stoplights were down along Highway 1.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation was on the scene trying to get those up and running.

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