Richland Rebuild celebrates 1st new home, here’s how you can apply for the next one

Richland Rebuild celebrates 1st new home, here's how you can apply for the next one

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) -Richland County is celebrating two recently added programs intended to help repair and rebuild parts of the community. Thursday, longtime Richland County resident, Josephine Hall, will be moving into a new home and she will be the first person to receive a new home through the Richland Rebuild program.

Richland County Community Development Division Head, Denise Teasdell, says, “We want to give the community a facelift…one home at a time.”

Two new programs have been developed in Richland County, after county leaders say its previous rehab program was not meeting the community’s needs.

The owner of the new home being celebrated Thursday had been reaching out to the county to help with repairs on her last home, but county leaders say they would regularly come across the same problem. The cost of the repairs exceeded the amount to rebuild a new home. They say that’s when the county decided to do away with the old rehab program and start new ones.

“Our Operation One Touch program is where we come in and we touch one thing whether it be your roof or HVAC. Sometimes it’s easier to just come in and touch one thing and fix it for them versus if we go in to try and do an Operation One Touch and we realize that their home needs more than a one touch, it needs a rebuild. Then, we have them apply for our Richland Rebuild program,”Teasdell said.

The program is funded through HUD, and applicants are required to “meet the HUD income limits. We receive a grant for this program. We receive CDBG and home grants. Those are HUD funds. As long as they meet the income bracket, they can definitely apply,”Teasdell said.

Because of limited funding, Richland Rebuild will only be able to rebuild two households per year, and they’re hoping to reach people facing homelessness due to poor and unsafe living conditions.

County leaders say both programs have been operating over the last year, but this is the first new home through Richland Rebuild. There will be a celebration happening at the home on Tolliver Road, near Shop Road, Thursday at 2:00 PM.

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