Gamecocks are not Clemson’s ‘little brother’

Gamecocks are not Clemson’s ‘little brother’
Will Muschamp

HOOVER, ALA. (TheBigSpur) - Want to get South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp to tighten his fist and give a terse answer? Ask him about the status of Clemson football as it relates to the Gamecocks.

Alabama News Network reporter Rashad Snell, out of Montgomery, Ala., had either an unfortunate choice of words, or wanted to try to go viral on social media.

On Wednesday, in the Electronic Media room at SEC Media Days, Snell asked Muschamp midway through his 15 minute session with reporters, if the Gamecocks were now “the little brother” to the Tigers.

As one would expect, Muschamp didn’t take too kindly to the question. Here’s the exchange:

Snell: “Coach, your in-state rival, Clemson, has become a national powerhouse winning two of the last four national championships. Have South Carolina kinda became the little brother to Clemson?”

Muschamp: “No, we’re not the little brother. We’re not, OK. We’re not.”

Clemson has enjoyed the best of South Carolina in the rivalry of late. The Tigers have won each of the last five games by an average of more than three touchdowns. Clemson has won all three games against Muschamp by an average of 31.3 points, including a 49-point victory in his first season with the team.

Prior to the recent stretch, the Gamecocks won five in a row over the Tigers. Each of those five victories were by a margin of at least two scores with the smallest margin being a 10-point win.

The Tigers, though, have taken their program to the next level, including winning last year’s College Football Playoff. Most have Clemson as the top team in the country entering the 2019 season.

But don’t act like the Gamecocks are “the little brother” around Muschamp.

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