Yard clippings, debris left sitting curbside for weeks in Columbia neighborhood

Yard clippings, debris left sitting curbside for weeks in Columbia neighborhood

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Some residents in Columbia are wondering why they’ve been waiting weeks to get their yard clippings picked up.

Our WIS teams rode around the Shandon neighborhood this evening and piles of trimmings and storm debris are still sitting out by the curb for multiple homeowners. One man who reached out to WIS said yard waste has been sitting out for three weeks on his street.

He’s worried that the small branches and clippings are being blown around after sitting out for so long and could possibly be clogging nearby storm drains.

We reached out to the City of Columbia to find out what has been delaying pickup. They said crews have had a heavier load lately because of the storms saying: “Please note that the debris is not from an average or normal yard debris situation, but city crews are still working in that area to clear debris that was caused by severe storm damage recently that caused the destruction of a large volume of trees in that area.”

Neighbors told us this has been going on much longer than the past few weeks.

“This has been going on, honestly, since fall of last year,” one homeowner said. “When you call them, they always give some answer like that. When you can clearly see from the piles that are there, it’s not a storm pile. Something needs to change. I don’t understand why they can’t simply pick it up each week. It doesn’t really make sense.”

Our news team reached back out to city officials, who said they’re hoping to get things back on track by next week and pickups should have been happening on schedule.

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