Lexington water woes

Lexington water woes

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - A recent spike in water bills for some residents in the Town of Lexington has many members of the community wondering whether they have been using more water due to the warm summer months, or if their bill is wrong. Many people complained on social media that their bills doubled and even tripled this month.

Anna Rolley, a resident of the Town of Lexington, said that her bill was a shock. Rolley’s bill jumped from less than $60 last month to over $120 this month.

"It's a huge difference because you budget month to month,” Rolley said. “With a water bill, that's one of the bills that you can count on being pretty much the same month to month so you budget your money. Even in a dual income household to have it doubled was a huge shock to me and my husband."

The Town of Lexington announced yesterday that a new AMI water meter reading system might be the culprit behind higher bills for some residents.

Mayor of the Town of Lexington Steve MacDougall said that the installation of the new system has temporarily altered the billing system for some residents.

“The reads for some of these new meters were delayed causing the cycle to be extended up to ten days,” MacDougall says.

However, he says that this will result in the next month’s bill having a shorter time cycle.

Installing the new meter reading system is a phase process according to Assistant Town Administrator for the Town of Lexington Stuart Ford. Ford said that it might take a few years for the installation to be complete.

MacDougall said that while the new reading system might be the reason for some people seeing higher bills, many residents will see an increase due to more water usage this month.

“Our records from the Water Treatment Facility from May 6 – June 3 indicate a daily water usage increase of 44%,” MacDougall said. “The increase in usage in conjunction with the extended billing cycle may have resulted in some customers receiving an unusually high bill.”

The Town of Lexington is asking residents to review their water bills and see if these circumstances might apply to them.

Mayor MacDougall says every resident can contact the Finance Customer Service Department at 803-951-4630 to receive a courtesy review of this month’s water bill.

Anna Rolley said she plans to call the Town of Lexington regarding her bill, but she wishes the Town of Lexington would have notified residents before the new meter reading system was installed.

“It’s a huge surprise to people when they get their bill and they’re like oh my gosh what happened,” Rolley said.

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