Changes to the driver’s manual are coming

Changes to the driver’s manual are coming

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - On a recent story, we told you about how knowing the rules of the road could cut down on traffic jams by using a zipper merger. It is called a zip merger because like a zipper -- one car from each lane is supposed to take turns merging.

After seeing our story Executive Director of the South Carolina D-M-V, Kevin A. Shwedo said, “I loved it. I Loved it because it’s been something I have been trying to put into the manual for the longest time. I don’t put things in the manual because I wake up and have a good idea, it really has to come from law enforcement. When they realized how critical it is, I had talked to the lower echelon, and they loved the idea early on but I didn’t get enough push from higher on up when your story came out, then I had a director, I called him personally, and I said what do you think? He said I love it. I said I will put it in the manual if your team will support me, and they loved it and we are.”

SCDMV says the zipper merge is going to be most beneficial for drivers to know when approaching construction sites that lead to lane closures on the interstate. The bottom line, the DMV said, “drivers should merge when it is safe to do so.” The SCDMV is in the process of gathering updates for its drivers manual, and it looks to publish a new version next year.

Shwedo said, "I have been asking about this, the law enforcement guys had been talking about wanting to implement the strategy, so I wrote the director a quick email and said would you like us to put it in the driver's manual? And, not only from the law enforcement junior side of the house but from the law enforcement senior side of the house loved the idea after particularly reviewing your one piece on it. It is the right thing to do. It will speed up traffic, it will make the highway safer and as a result, we will put it in the next edition to the driver's manual.”

Shwedo said he realizes so many people did not know the law about merging, and hopes this will help educate drivers.

“My wife hates it when I drive own that lane and there is nobody in it and we are hacking off everybody in the right lane but we knew it was always the right thing to do because of the signs and studies that said it was the right thing to do.”

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