Family For Life: On the farm with Kyle

Family For Life: On the farm with Kyle

REMBERT, S.C. (WIS) - This month’s Family for Life took us to old McCaskill‘s Farm in Rembert.

When we asked 14-year-old Kyle what he wanted to do for the day, we were a little surprised when he said he’d love to visit a farm.

But it was clear, there’s really no place he’d rather be.

Working outside, getting his hands dirty ... that’s what makes this teenager happy.

From the land to the animals, even the hard work, Kyle loves everything about being on a farm.

Spending the day at Old McCaskill Farm, Kyle was a little glimpse at his dream job he hopes to be a cattle farmer one day.

He says being in foster care the last few years has given him a spirit of determination and has taught him a lot about life and himself.

“I learned that I can push myself further than I thought, the people you meet aren’t always bad, and you can trust more people than you think,” Kyle said.

Kyle is not one to brag but we found out he’s an honors student and he can’t wait to turn 16!

Kyle: “I like to drive."

Judi: “You’re not old enough to drive yet.”

Kyle: "I like to drive. I like to get out and do things like hunt and fish. And I like to, umm, I like to work on a farm and work on cars and build things.”

When it comes to a family of his own, he knows exactly what he wants -- a family that lives on a farm, in a small town and parents that know a little something about kids.

“Because they’ll understand why I do something or question something, they won’t just automatically assume that it’s me trying to put on my big boy pants and just trying to disobey them,” Kyle said.

For Kyle, waking up to the sounds and smells of a country farm would be a dream come true.

If you love family, faith, and farm life the special person Kyle is waiting for, could be you.

If adoption is in your heart you can find out more about Kyle and other children waiting to find their family for life by calling 1-888-828-3555 you can also connect with an adoption specialist by going to

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