New choice to remove fibroids

Updated: Jun. 18, 2019 at 9:31 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - You no longer have to suffer in silence, a new procedure is helping women get rid of fibroids without much downtime.

Fibroids are a benign tumor of muscle. 35-million women in the United States have fibroids, and of that number, about 7 million people show symptoms, according to doctors. A problem that up until now would mean invasive surgery, and taking time off work.

Dr. Albert Odom is the first physician in South Carolina to perform a new procedure known as Acessa Pro-Vu at Parkridge OB/GYN, Prisma Health.

“Traditionally uterine fibroids which cause heavy bleeding, painful periods, pelvic pain, and things like that, were usually treated with hysterectomy this gives them another option of saving the uterus, or preserving their uterus, and not having the hysterectomy, not having the large open incision, and again recovery in about 3-7 days.”

Acessa Pro-Vu is a new treatment that allows patients to get their fibroids removed and go home the same day. Doctors say you may even return back to work in less than a week.

Acessa Pro-Vu uses ultrasound-guided radiofrequency energy to target an individual fibroid for treatment laparoscopically.

Dr. Odom says it’s FDA cleared and clinically proven. There is no cutting, stitches, or removal of the uterus.

This procedure gives women who do not want to have hysterectomy options.

However, Dr. Odom explains why the procedure may not be for women who are trying to have a baby.

“It can apply to any woman who has symptomatic fibroids the reason why it’s not for women who want to have future pregnancies is because we just do not have enough studies to show what happens to the pregnancies after the procedure. We think it’s going to be ok, there have been about 20 pregnancies that have occurred after the procedure and they all have done well but that’s not a large enough number to blanket everyone with that.”

So far, Dr. Odom has performed 5 Acessa Pro-Vu procedures, he said all had good outcomes.

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