‘Sami’s Law’ introduced in U.S. Congress

‘Sami’s Law’ introduced in U.S. Congress

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - On Friday, lawmakers introduced a bill that required rideshare drivers across the country to have illuminated signs while prohibiting the sale of those signs.

The bill, also known as “Sami’s Law,” was sponsored by New Jersey representative Christopher Smith. Currently, the bill has been referred to subcommittee on Highways and Transit.

Should the bill become law, companies like Uber and Lyft would also be required to implement an electronic access system on the drivers’ vehicles.

A similar bill, named the Samantha L. Josephson Ridesharing Safety Act, was introduced in South Carolina and signed into law by Gov. Henry McMaster on May 16. This legislation was formed after the University of South Carolina senior was killed after being kidnapped from Five Points believed to be a rideshare driver.

This law requires rideshare drivers in South Carolina to display their license plate number on the front of the vehicle.

The law went into effect on June 15.

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