A Midlands animal rescue needs your help fostering kittens

Foster Parents needed for kittens

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - More than 200 kittens are homeless and living with foster parents while more are scheduled to come to a shelter this week. Pawmetto Lifeline is making a plea to anyone who can provide a foster home.

Officials are looking for people to take in kittens for roughly two to six weeks and give them a temporary home the issue is they are at their limit.

“Lots of people are seeing them in their yards or picking them up because there are feral moms out there having kittens and we are taking in as many as we can, and we are going to stop taking them in because we don’t have. Statistics show more than 11,469 homeless dogs and cats enter shelters,” DeAnn Jones, the Foster Program Director for Pawmetto Lifeline, adding, “32 percent of those pets are euthanized because they are homeless.”

Pawmetto Lifeline CEO Denise Wilkinson says the overcrowding is because as of October 2017, they are running the Lexington County Community Cat Program and that means more kittens are being sent their way.

“Prior to that, over 3,000 cats were entering their shelters, where 75 percent of those cats were being euthanized,” Wilkinson said. “About anybody can take in a kitten, you just need a small bathroom, to give them care, families are really great because they get interaction with lots of people, single individuals who have lots of time to dedicate to them, anyone who has other pets to make for a well-rounded cat for the next person.”

All of the cats that come to Pawmetto Lifeline are spay and neutered.

The kittens, once they are of age, go through the adoption program. Orientations are being scheduled this week if you would like to sign up to be a foster parent.

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