Which drinks are the most hydrating for your body?

Which drinks are the most hydrating for your body?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - In the heat of the summer it’s important to stay hydrated, but is what you are drinking actually helping your body?

A study from the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tested 13 commonly consumed drinks to see how long and effectively they would stay in your body to keep it hydrated. Those 13 drinks were: still water, sparkling water, soda, diet soda, sports drinks, orange juice, oral re-hydration solutions (ORS), beer, coffee, tea, cold tea, full fat milk and skim milk.

Though water and sparkling water are still at the top of the hydration index, surprisingly, ORS drinks, milk and juice scored in the top spots as well. These drinks retained almost 50% of fluid in the body 2 hours after being consumed which is very high. ORS’ deliver fluid fast and high electrolyte content which keeps them in the body for a long amount of time which is great especially if you still plan to exercise outdoors when it’s extremely hot outside.

Coffee and beer showed very little evidence that, in moderation, they provide lesser hydration. However, in the study, the amount of alcohol and caffeine taken in was fairly low, and if increased substantially, it might have led to a different conclusion over a longer period of time.

Also of note, the study showed once again that sparkling water and still water show no difference in hydration quality though many myths claim that sparkling water has negative side effects like lesser hydration and bone strength issues.

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