Investigators continue to work through forgery cases involving drug, paternity tests in Alabama

Investigators continue work in forgery cases involving drug, paternity tests

OZARK, Ala. (WSFA) - Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams confirmed as the investigation into falsified drug and paternity tests continue more charges are expected for the woman at the center of the case.

“Right now she has two misdemeanor counts of forgery. We anticipate many more forgery counts, theft counts, and perjury counts,” said Adams.

Ozark police said they opened an investigation into Brandy Murrah’s company, A&J Lab Collections, on May 2 after evidence of drug screening reports provided to the Dale County Department of Human Resources were found to be falsified. The police department received a complaint from a doctor’s office out of Florida saying testing that was reported to be approved by his office was not approved by his facility.

Adams said the allegations of theft stem from money collected for drug tests that may not have been done.

The perjury allegations stem from court testimony.

“Where she’s alleged to have testified in court to drug tests that were not tested or inaccurate,” said Adams, “At this point there is no allegation that she changed the results of the test. The allegations is they were never tested - she just took an educated guess that they would be positive for the most part and submitted those results and testified to those results.”

According to Adams, these cases were done in dependency court and involved custody dependency children. He said investigators are still compiling court documents along with DHR records and DHR will be looking into all of the cases to find out if there was or wasn’t a test done.

“We want people to know what’s going on. We want people to be aware if they’ve had a drug or a custody case in Dale County - they might want to check on it, but in no way is the D.A.'s office saying anybody is guilty of anything. We are very interested in this case and taking it very seriously and working very hard with the Ozark Police Department to prosecute this case," said Adams.

Murrah’s attorney, David Harrison, confirmed his client has worked for DHR in Pike County, Crenshaw County, Dale County, Henry County and Houston County. Harrison said his client was responsible for collecting specimen like hair follicles or urine for testing and sealing the specimen and sending it off for testing.

He said he doesn’t believe it’s proper for him to comment on what the evidence is but emphasized forgery is all his client has been charged with.

“It seems all the social media outlets - all the publications and the media has indicated she’s changed reports and indicating they’re negative when they’re positive or positive when they’re negative and taking children away from homes. That’s not the allegation. That’s not the evidence and that’s never going to be the evidence," said Harrison.

WSFA reached out the the state DHR for more information and was provided this statement:

“We are working with law enforcement on this situation. Because this is an active investigation, I ask that you direct any questions you may have to the law enforcement agency in charge of this investigation.”

- Barry Spear, Public Information Manager

Murrah is expected in court July 25.

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