‘God forgive me when I complain,’ Gold Star Mother speaks about our problems vs. the ultimate sacrifice

Gold Star Mother speaks about our problems vs. the ultimate sacrifice

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - In a powerful sentence, Gold Star Mother Diane Rawl drew a comparison between the temperature we are feeling in Columbia, and what those who have served and died went through.

At the end of the day, it does not compare.

“I’m reminded this morning when I was complaining about the heat that it isn’t 120 degrees. That I’m not 5,700 miles from home. I’m not dressed in full uniform and I’m not carrying over 70 pounds of gear on my back and there’s very little chance of me driving over a bomb today. God forgive me when I complain,” Rawl said

She spoke in a Memorial Day Ceremony at Memorial Park in Columbia.

Her son, Ryan Rawl, was in the SC National Guard and was also a Richland County Deputy. Ryan Rawl was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan almost 7 years ago. Despite the Columbia heat, the water bottles, fans and tents, those like her son who died went through much worse.

We also spoke with Vietnam Veteran Jim Fisher about Memorial Day.

“Memorial Day is a sicker day to me,” Fisher said. He sees this day differently than most.

“We were ambushed by a regiment of North Vietnamese, 32nd I think, NVA regiment. Several of my fellow comrades were wounded and killed. I was able to retrieve one body and bring it back and unfortunately, he died in my arms. We have Veterans Day where we recognize the service of all, but today we honor those who have paid a supreme sacrifice for this country,” Fisher said.

Fisher spoke to share an important message.

“The red of this flag stands for the blood that was shed by Americans. Fighting for the freedom of the country that you and I are honored to have today,” Fisher said.

While Monday’s ceremony did not draw a huge crowd, it still was a close and personal experience.

Diane Rawl in her speech, also wants people to remember service members who are missing and have not yet returned home.\

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