First Alert Forecast: 100+ Degree Heat Continues! Breaking More Records

First Alert Days Continue Today – Wednesday For Unprecedented Early Heat

Von Gaskin's evening forecast

Strong High pressure continues to dominate the forecast now through Thursday. This will allow for the hottest temperatures of the year to continue, as well as continuing to break record Highs!

Daytime Highs through Wednesday will be at or just above 100 degrees. All models point to High pressure starting to break down by Thursday. This would allow less subsidence (sinking air that gives us clear /dry conditions) and lead to more moisture (finally) and at least a chance of daily late afternoon showers and thunderstorms. However, this is a song we’ve heard before, let’s see how the models flesh out over the next 24-36 hours. This High pressure over us may be more stubborn than we think, therefore continuing our heat into the weekend. More to come on this of course.

Again, HEAT IS the BIG issue. Index will be 102-103 over the next few days.

Weather Highlights:

- HOT! Temperatures of 100 degrees or above the next few days

- Near record high temperatures could be reached and surpassed over the next several days

- Thing start to cool down (somewhat) and a return of late day thunderstorms are possible by Friday.


First Alert Today - Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Hot. Highs 100-101 degrees.

First Alert Tonight – Wednesday Evening: Clear. Lows middle 70s

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