Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders unveils his K-12 education plan in Orangeburg

Published: May. 19, 2019 at 9:04 AM EDT
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ORANGEBURG, S.C. (WIS) - Senator Bernie Sanders made a stop in Orangeburg Saturday morning to campaign ahead of the 2020 presidential elections.

Sanders (I-VT) unveiled the Thurgood Marshall Plan for Public Education and Educators, this comes on the 65th anniversary weekend of the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling.

He says the United States, as the wealthiest country in history, should have the best education system in the world. Today, in a highly competitive global economy, if we are going to have the kind of standard of living that the people of this country deserve, we need to have the best educated workforce.

According to a news release, that original South Carolina case - which was litigated by Thurgood Marshall - was one of the five suits that led to the famous Supreme Court case. In the years after that case, protests for desegregation erupted across the country, including in Chicago, where Sanders was arrested protesting the city’s segregated school system.

Senator Bernie Sanders made a stop in Orangeburg Saturday morning to campaign ahead of the 2020...
Senator Bernie Sanders made a stop in Orangeburg Saturday morning to campaign ahead of the 2020 presidential elections. (Source: Jenna Cisneros/WIS)

Sanders’ new K-12 plan aims to make sure children have access to a high quality education, regardless of their race, income and zip code.

“Every child has a right to a quality K-12 education, regardless of your race, regardless of your income, and regardless of your zip code. For too long, we have seen devastating education funding cuts used to pay for massive tax breaks for a handful of corporations and billionaires,” Bernie Sanders said. “When we are in the White House, that greed is going to end. We will make a transformative investment in our children, our teachers and our schools to guarantee a quality education as a human right for all children.”

He says with district-by-district disparities in education funding, he wants to add new investments in programs that serve high-poverty communities, support special needs students, and integrate school districts.

“By reducing racial and economic segregation, in our public schools, make sure we attract the best and brightest young people to become teachers reestablishes a positive learning environment for our children in our K-12 schools.” Sanders said.

Sanders says he wants to make sure taxpayers are not funding charter school, and banning those for-profit.

The plan also touched on teacher pay, proposing that the starting salary for educators is no less than $60,000.

Sanya Ahmed Mohiuddin, a teacher who attended his campaign rally said, “This is so incredible it’s so important for us to do. I’m a special education teacher myself, first year teaching and I’ve seen so many problems and issues within the school that needs to be fixed.”

“We need a president with morals and values, a president that will bring us together and not separate us.” Adeline Yon, an Orangeburg resident said.

As Sanders runs for president a second time, Jalal Hakmei, who attended rally said, “I think the first one showed that there was a lot of energy for his ideas and I’m hoping the second run will cement that.”

The latest democratic poll shows Joe Biden, who recently visited South Carolina has the lead in the state, and shows Bernie Sanders second in the poll.

In response to his visit, the Republican National Committee released a statement from Spokesperson Joe Jackson:

Bernie Sanders comes back to South Carolina promising ‘free college’ and a return to policies that trap students in struggling schools. While Bernie works on attacking charter schools and passing costly education proposals, President Trump will continue to focus on empowering families, cities, and states to ensure that every child in America has access to a world-class education.

RNC Spokesperson Joe Jackson

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