Ridgeway resident says bridge has been closed since 2015, he wants to know why

Ridgeway resident says bridge has been closed since 2015, he wants to know why

RIDGEWAY, S.C. (WIS) - A bridge closure in Fairfield County has some in the area wondering if the roadway will ever reopen.

Residents said the barriers located at Bellfield and Blink Bonnie Roads in Ridgeway have been in place since the flood of 2015, but we have not been able to confirm that with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Bruce Elrod is a longtime Ridgeway resident who said the closure may not affect a large amount of people but is still a huge inconvenience to those living in the area.

He and his son chose to cross the barriers and they said they are unable to see that anything is in need of repair.

Elrod said he just can’t understand why it’s been closed for so long.

“It’s been closed since the flood of 2015 and there’s absolutely no reason. This is a very poor community around here. People have to drive 15-mile detours one way – probably 15-mile tour the other way – just to get to work or go where they’re going,” he said.

Elrod said he, too, has been working to get answers from officials.

“The excuse was that there were engineers out here working to try to resolve the matter and that’s the excuse we keep getting. I would hate to imagine the gasoline that’s been spent and lost just taking the detours around here. Folks around here can’t afford that. There’s just no reason for it since 2015 other than the fact that it’s a rural area. There’s not many people but the people that are around here really need it,” said Elrod.

WIS reached out to SCDOT. We’ve been told that there is a problem with the bridge, but we’re still waiting to find out just how long it’s been closed and how soon residents can expect repairs.

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