‘Tomorrow is never promised’: UNCC alum, NFL player Larry Ogunjobi honors fallen student

‘Tomorrow is never promised’: UNCC alum, NFL player Larry Ogunjobi honors fallen student
21-year-old Riley Howell of Waynesville, NC, was in the classroom Tuesday afternoon when the 22-year-old shooter opened fire. Howell jumped on the shooter in an attempt to stop him according to police. (Source: WBTV News)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi may be a hero to thousands of fans who watch him chase down quarterbacks and break through blockers every Sunday in the NFL, but to Ogunjobi, a person like Riley Howell is the real ‘hero’.

Howell, 21, lost his life after a gunman entered his classroom and began firing at students as they attempted to take cover. Reports of those at the scene confirmed that Howell took it upon himself to dive at the shooter, taking him down and preventing him from harming other students who were fleeing the room at the time.

As people across the nation have reacted to the tragic shooting that injured four and claimed the life of Howell as well as Ellis “Reed” Parlier, 19, those who attend or have attended the school in the past deal with the pain of knowing that two of their own have passed.

Ogunjobi is perhaps as well-known as any recent Forty Niner to walk the school’s campus following an illustrious career with the football team as a star defensive lineman. As part of the school’s inaugural recruiting class, Ogunjobi has a lot of records and a lot of “firsts” that still stand today for the squad, ranging from having the most sacks in school history to being the first Forty Niner drafted into the NFL.

Upon hearing about the shooting, Ogunjobi took a moment of public reflection to share his own thoughts on the matter with a series of Tweets.

In the Tweets, the defensive lineman known for his size, strength and toughness shows a softer side as he reflects on the need for others to tell those close to them that they love them and never put it off until “tomorrow” while also asking or prayers for the school.

Ogunjobi’s final Tweet in the string of responses, simply states the word “Hero.” above a picture of Howell attached to a separate link.

For Ogunjobi, an entire student body and the people of the #CharlotteStrong community, there is no better word to describe Riley Howell.

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