Tanner, multiple coaches receive extensions

Tanner, multiple coaches receive extensions
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COLUMBIA, SC (TheBigSpur.com) - South Carolina athletics director Ray Tanner received a two-year contract extension on Monday, approved by the school’s Board of Trustees. Seven assistant coaches from multiple sports had their contracts extended, as did head track and field coach Curtis Frye.

Tanner received a two-year deal that will extend him through June 30, 2024. Like the rest of the people who received approved contracts on Monday, Tanner did not receive a raise, just an extension.

“I’m very grateful for Dr. (Harris) Pastides and this Board,” Tanner said. “I’ve been on campus now for 23 years and I’ve had the opportunity to coach, had the opportunity to work with a group of Board members who are very passionate and endearing to this school. They’ve accepted me into their inner circle. Athletics is a unit on campus, so I’m grateful to continue to be a part of it and for an extension today.”

Tanner’s last contract extension came on April 21, 2017. He was extended three years at that time and his contract was set to expire on June 30, 2022. Tanner is currently finishing up his deal that is paying him $900,000 per year. His salary was set to increase to $1 million on July 1, 2019.

Frye received a 13-month contract extension that will take him through June 30, 2020. He also did not receive a raise, and makes $251,572 per year, which includes a $50,000 media stipend in addition to his base salary of slightly more than $200,000.

Women’s basketball assistant coach Lisa Boyer received a one-year contract extension that brings here through March 31, 2020. She makes $300,000 per year, per the S.C. Salary Database.

Two men’s basketball assistant coaches - Perry Clark and Chuck Martin - both received one-year extensions bringing them through March 31, 2020. Clark makes $300,000 while Martin makes $265,000.

Tanner confirmed that men's basketball assistant coach Bruce Shingler and football assistant coach Kyle Krantz both had their contracts extended by one year as well. Those contracts do not have to go before the Board of Trustees, due to salary threshold. Only contracts over $250,000 have to go before the Board. Shingler makes $225,000 while Krantz makes $125,000.

Four football assistant coaches received one-year contract extensions without pay raises, which will solidify their employment until May 31, 2020. Tight ends coach Bobby Bentley, special teams coordinator Coleman Hutzler, ends coach Mike Peterson and strength and conditioning coach Jeff Dillman were all part of the BOT’s approval.

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