Parents of slain UofSC student launch rideshare safety website

Parents of slain UofSC student launch rideshare safety website

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Just days after Samantha Josephson was laid to rest, her parents have created a new website to help others learn different ways to remain safe while using rideshare services.

Seymour and Marci Josephson have launched, a website dedicated to educating people on the precautions to take while using services like Uber and Lyft.

The website asks people to do four things that make up the acromyn SAMI, which is Samantha’s nickname.

First, stop and plan ahead by reviewing safety features in your app. Second, ask the driver “what’s my name” to ensure they have booked a trip with you. Third, match the make, model, and license plate of the car with what is on your app. Fourth, inform a friend of the details of your trip.

In an interview, the Josephsons said they are pushing for other safety improvements like requiring rideshare cars have front license plates so people can see if the right car is heading their way.

There was a similar bill in the Statehouse that required front and back license plate.

Currently, it is in a house committee.

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