After Masters win, Midlands family remembers stepfather meeting Tiger Woods days before passing away

After Masters win, Midlands family remembers stepfather meeting Tiger Woods days before passing away

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It was something they thought he might never do again. But last night, Tiger Woods fans around the world celebrated a fifth green jacket. For one Midlands family, Tiger Woods’ rise back to the top was more than a victory on the golf course. It was also a sweet reminder of another determined man they know and miss endlessly.

Jordan Miller was in tears as Tiger Woods putt his way to his fifth Masters win. It was clearly a moment of perseverance in the golf world, as Tiger battled his way back to the top. For Miller, it brings up the memory of another long fight by a man who forever lives on as a superhero in their family.

“They were fighting these battles at the same time as each other and they both came out on top,” said Miller.

We first introduced you to Jordan Miller last year, after her plea went viral on social media, asking anyone who would read to help her get her terminally ill stepfather in front of Tiger Woods at the 2018 Masters Tournament. Her stepfather, Shane Caldwell, was battling stage 4 lung cancer. And her plan worked. Woods walked over to Caldwell shortly before the first round and handed him a glove that said, “stay strong.”

“It was that moment, those ten seconds,” said Miller. “The happiness from those ten seconds carried him through to the very end.”

Caldwell passed away shortly after this chance meeting in 2018. Woods was one of Caldwell’s heroes. As an avid golfer himself, he shared a love of the green and the Masters with the legendary athlete. Caldwell took his moment with Woods to tell him to “knock ‘em dead.” It’s been almost a year since that meeting, and this year, Woods did just that.

“It wasn’t just that it was such an emotional moment for Tiger,” said Miller of an emotional video she posted to Twitter celebrating the win, “but it was the emotions I was feeling knowing how much it would’ve meant to Shane to see that moment.”

And while Shane would’ve been at a loss for words, she told WIS, he would’ve been alongside her in tears of joy.

“It’s inspiring. You have your own heroes,” she said. “And when you see them fight huge battles whatever they are and then overcome them and continue on and keep succeeding and keep winning… it’s inspiring, it gives you hope.”

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