‘Run as One’ event aims to raise mental health awareness for veterans

“Run as One” event aims to raise mental health awareness for veterans on Saturday, April 13th

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Whether you are a runner, walker or maybe feel like strapping on some gear and "ruckin' it,” there's a way for you to do just that and support our veterans next weekend in Columbia.

The event is called "Run as One.” It's taking place next weekend at Workhorse Fitness off Bluff Road on Saturday, April 13th and the goal is to raise awareness for the mental health of our service members.

The owner of that gym is teaming up with members of Team Red White and Blue this year’s Run as One event. He said it’s a way to not only honor the service of his brother, who is a veteran, but the Midlands’ large military community as a whole.

"You never know what a difference it can make in your life or who you’re gonna meet,” said Indira Glennon, the captain of RWB Columbia. “Everybody has a veteran or an aunt or a cousin or somebody who is currently serving or who have served in this community. So the way our partnership works is that Workhorse is a community resource…we are a veterans organization and we are hoping with that together we can reach out further into the Cola community.”

The event began in 2012 in the wake of Marine, Clay Hunt’s death after he took his own life. Owner of Workhorse Fitness, Ibrahim Dughaish, told WIS his brother is a veteran and he hopes this gets families, veterans and community members outside and talking about mental health.

"We have to be willing as a community to wanna help them if they're going through difficult times because they're sacrificing everything,” said Dughaish.

And whether you walk it, you run it, or you ruck it… the only sacrifice you'll make is a little Saturday morning sweat. If you'd like to be a part of Team RWB outside of this event, it is free and it's not just for veterans. It's for anyone wanting to support our veterans.

The event begins on Saturday, April 13th at 8 AM sharp. You can register on-site at 7:30 AM. You can also go here for ticket information and RSVP information.

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