Group renews alimony reform efforts at State House

Group renews alimony reform efforts at State House

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Wyman Oxner is revamping his efforts to change what he calls, “archaic” alimony laws in South Carolina.

“We’re only asking for what’s fair. Make it level for both parties,” he said. Oxner is the president of the S.C. Alimony Reform Group. The group has been advocating for changes to these laws for years. They say they would like to see judges have more options than just defaulting to periodic permanent alimony.

Permanent alimony requires spouses to pay their exes weekly or monthly until they die, are remarried or live with a romantic partner for 90 consecutive days. “That’s like a lifetime sentence. A murderer usually serves 20 years, but people paying alimony are sentenced for life,” Oxner said.

Attorneys and the group say judges in South Carolina usually award periodic permanent. This legislation would create transitional alimony and fixed-term alimony.

Transitional alimony is set up to help spouses adapt to life after the divorce. Fixed-term sets a finite amount of alimony that must be paid over time. Oxner said recent efforts to get this passed at the State House have failed but he’s not giving up. “The reason I feel like it’s worth doing is because people are suffering from this in really tight hardships. We had an 80-year-old man in Greenville who was locked up because he couldn’t pay. That’s not fair and everyone knows it.”

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