Report: Student, 13, took loaded gun to Howard Middle School

Report: Student, 13, took loaded gun to Howard Middle School

ORANGEBURG, SC (ORANGEBURG TIMES AND DEMOCRAT) - A 13-year-old male student at Howard Middle School allegedly took a fully loaded .380-caliber gun to school on Monday, according to an Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 spokesman Bill Clark said the student has been suspended and will not return to campus, located at 1255 Belleville Road.

The incident report states at 3:30 p.m. someone in the carpool lane reported a student had a gun on campus.

A deputy and a coach located the 13-year-old male in the cafeteria and escorted him into the office.

The school administrator, deputy and coach spoke with the teen, who stated he did not have anything in his bookbag that they needed to know about.

The report states that as the school administrator began to search the teen, he told him to keep his hands out of his pockets.

The deputy noticed a bulge in the teen’s front right pocket.

When the deputy asked the teen a second time if he had anything that he shouldn’t have, the teen acknowledged that he did, according to the report.

According to the report, the deputy removed the loaded weapon from the teen’s pocket. Four rounds of ammunition remained in the clip, the report states.

The teen told officials that he found the gun on the ground near the dumpsters in his neighborhood about two days before.

He said that he’d fired one round in his backyard at home.

The gun had not been reported stolen.

In a statement on Tuesday, Clark said the school’s resource officer and assistant principal “took possession of the weapon and contacted the student’s grandparents, who then came to the school.”

Clark said the sheriff’s office placed the student in custody.

“The matter was resolved quickly by the school administrators and school resource officer. A letter from the principal was sent home this afternoon to parents/guardians to advise them of the incident and steps taken by the school,” Clark said Tuesday.

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