NC bounty hunters arrested for assaulting Gallaway man without a warrant

NC bounty hunters arrested for assaulting Gallaway man without a warrant

GALLAWAY, TN (WMC) - A visit from a pair of bounty hunters landed a Mid-South man in the hospital.

Gallaway police arrested two bounty hunters who are accused of beating up Charlie Leavy after trying to take him into custody.

The Gallaway police chief said there was no active warrant, and police said the hunters had no right to be making an arrest.

"I opened up the door and I asked who is it,” Leavy said. “The shorter guy opened the door and grabbed this hand right here and snapped the handcuffs on and pulled me off the porch."

Leavy said then the two bounty hunters jumped on him and started hitting him, breaking his eye socket and nose, and pulling off part of the porch.

“I’m screaming for help and telling them please get off of me. I can’t breathe,” Leavy said.

Leavy’s fiancée Amber Meyers watched it all in horror and called 911.

"It was hard to watch,” Meyers said. “He was gushing blood out of his mouth. His eye was completely swollen like it is now.”

Gallaway police arrested these two bounty hunters out of North Carolina, William Delaney and Todd Stubbs.

(Source: WMC Action News 5)

The only thing the men had was a document from North Carolina that shows there was a bond forfeiture issued in October last year on a $2,000 bond.

However, they had no paperwork for an active warrant because there apparently was not one.

Leavy said the whole thing involved an extradition out of Memphis when he was in North Carolina. It is not clear for what.

Leavy and his fiancée went to the emergency room in Memphis, where doctors said he will need surgery on his face.

"I don’t think they should be bondsmen if they think they can come from one state to another without a warrant and try to arrest somebody without badges and paperwork,” Meyers said.

"I want them to be fully prosecuted,” Leavy said.

The two bounty hunters are behind bars in Fayette County, charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping.

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