WIS holds cookout for veterans

WIS holds cookout for veterans

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As WIS continues the Year of the Veteran in 2019, Saturday, several WIS staff members stopped by Dorn VA to hold a cookout for veterans and their families.

The cookout which lasted for a few hours was held for the first time this year as a way to give back.

Clifton K. McNeely a World War 2 Veteran we spoke with says he is glad groups can come together to help those who have served.

“I know that we as veterans have done our part out there where we needed to be in World War 2. And now we got to come back here and get a little help. We need a little help now and we getting it here. It’s very nice and it’s an honor and it’s a pleasure to be working together,” McNeely said.

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