Better late than never: Man returns library book 53 years overdue

Man brings back library book 53 years after he checked it out

FAIRLAWN, NJ (WCBS/CNN) - A New Jersey man recently returned his library book. That might not seem like news, except that it took him 53 years.

Harry Krame checked out "The Family Book of Verse" by Lewis Gannet when he was a 13-year-old middle school student. He returned it when he was a 65-year-old man.

The book was 19,345 days overdue.

Krame said he found the book recently while cleaning out his basement, and started to feel guilty.

"When he asked my name I told him, ‘I can't give it to him, because I'm in the witness protection program,’” he joked.

He said the librarian’s reaction “lasted a couple seconds” as he processed what was happening.

“It was like ‘holy s---,’ … sorry about that,” he said.

At 10 cents a day, Krame could have owed about $2,000 in fees.

Fortunately for him, the school appears to be content just to have the book back. They’re not looking to collect.

If Krame ever decides he wants it back, there’s at least one website selling it for $40.

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