New charges for man accused of firing 30 rounds at homes in Cayce neighborhood

Bond set for man who allegedly fired 30 rounds near homes in Cayce

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) - WIS has learned about new charges that have been filed against the man arrested for firing dozens of rounds in a Cayce neighborhood Monday.

On Monday, police said Evan Vermullen, who lives on Taylor Road, was charged with discharging firearm in the city and use of a firearm while under influence.

On Tuesday, they said Vermullen received two additional charges: possession with intent to distribute schedule IV narcotic and simple possession of marijuana.

Police said he fired about 30 rounds in his backyard, mostly toward the ground, but in the direction of homes.

Neighbors said they were scared one of those bullets could have ricocheted off of something and hurt someone.

“You hear a pop, pop and just an arsenal of shooting,” said Jesse Bailey, who compared the noise at a shooting range.

Bailey lives almost directly behind the home where police said 22-year old Evan Vermullen lives.

“I drove directly to my house my wife had our screen door open," said Bailey, "and just casually they’re doing their thing, watching television, playing with the kids, doing everything and unaware of what’s going on so, had those folks been shooting or the rounds not hit into the ground or dispersed, they could have came into our house maybe harmed us, or anyone in the neighborhoods.”

Bailey said he has heard shooting in this area before, but Cayce DPS officials were not able to corroborate those reports.

Sunni Haught, who works and lives right across the street from Vermullen’s home said she, her business owner and co-workers had to take cover.

“He took us into the very back of the shop, back corner, out of the front area, in case anything went awry,” Haught said.

Investigators said drugs, weapons, and alcohol were involved. Now residents are breathing easier, because the situation could’ve ended badly.

“Had those rounds came and bounced off of a rock, or a tree and came into the direction of kids playing basketball even in the neighborhood you know, next thing we know, we’re going to a funeral,” Bailey said.

Officials said Vermullen is still in jail. His bond is a little more than $6,000. Cayce DPS officials said they have interacted with him before but never anything to this magnitude.

Officials also add Vermullen didn’t have anything on his record indicating that he was not allowed to possess a firearm.

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