My Take: Severe weather can happen at any time - it’s why we FIRST ALERT

My Take: Severe weather can happen at any time - it's why we FIRST ALERT

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There are few things we take more pride in at WIS than alerting you to threatening weather.

It’s our brand and our way of life.

Right now, some of you are cleaning up after three tornadoes swept across our area. WIS was there for you days ahead of the event - like we always are - alerting you and your family to the potential of danger.

We have to be. Not only is it our job – but we’re right here in the Midlands going through it with you. These strong storms are something we see every year and it’s only going to become more frequent as we inch closer to the official start of spring.

No matter the time of year you can count on us to alert you no matter what is happening on WIS at the time.

Believe me – we don't take breaking into programming lightly.

At the time we broke in on Sunday - it had been confirmed that14 people had died because of that very storm system.

We here at WIS are committed to alerting you to disruptive and sometimes dangerous weather, and we will continue to do that because even if it helps save one life, it’s worth it.

That’s My Take what’s yours?

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