Teen raises cancer funds that could now help save her own life

Teen battling Leukemia makes it to gala

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ally Davis had blood cancer, diagnosed when she was 11.

The 14-year-old went into remission, and while in remission, started helping to raise money to fight cancer and find cures.

After all that, really making a name for herself in the cancer fundraising world, Davis found out the beginning of this year, her cancer is back.

Friday night, a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society event would be held in part to honor Davis and her fundraising efforts. But earlier in the day, she suffered complications from her chemotherapy treatments.

Usually, protocol would keep Davis in the hospital tonight after having a fever, but her doctor wouldn’t have it – she had to make sure her patient was honored Friday.

“We’re always trying to balance, you know, taking the best care of our patients that we can, but also getting them to all the milestones that are important to them,” Dr. Ashley Hinson says. “That’s why we’re doing this, so we can love our life, and live it, and she’s the perfect example of that.”

It’s not lost on the teen how full circle she’s come, here. She never could have known the money she was raising for several weeks with other students, would end up helping to treat her.

“The time and the money I’ve raised has actually created these drugs that are saving my life,” she says. “It’s telling me that the money people are actually donating is working.”

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