My Take: Litter in our community gets a lot of attention

My Take: Litter in our community gets a lot of attention

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In the four years I have been doing “My Take” as General Manager of WIS, few topics have elicited the overwhelming response as my recent commentary on litter.

People of the Midlands are fed up with trash all along our roads and say something must be done. Here are just a few of the many comments we received:

  • "I think allowing people to pay a fine, big or small, is too easy. I say a mandatory requirement of litter pickup is more fitting. This way they get a hands on view of the results of litter..."
  • “I am so embarrassed when I look along the roads and see all the trash…Do we really have that many people living here that have no pride?”    
  • “Whole bags of trash alongside the road as well as a number of mattresses and old tires. It looks to me that people are intentionally throwing stuff along the road.” 

And now, groups such as the Columbia YMCA and Palmetto Pride are organizing clean-up events. It’s a one step at a time approach that will, hopefully, lead to permanent change.

“What kind of tone are we setting for visitors coming into the Midlands?: Bill Price with the Columbia YMCA said. "We want them to feel this is a welcoming, clean place to live and grow and play. We’ve got to put our best foot forward to do that and to set an example for the next generation.”

We hope you will join us in the effort to clean-up the Midlands. Look for additional details on the upcoming event in the weeks to come. In the meantime, you can count on WIS to continue to push for stiff penalties for litter bugs and to not let up until our roadways are as pristine as they should be.

That's My Take, What's Yours?

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