SLED concerned about unintended consequences of medical marijuana legislation

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 9:18 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and other law enforcement agencies across South Carolina are taking a stand against medical marijuana.

SLED Chief Mark Keel sat down with WIS to discuss his concerns over the Compassionate Care Act. Chief Keel said he is opposed to the legislation because the FDA has not approved marijuana and it cannot be prescribed by a doctor.

He said every state that has approved recreational use, started by allowing medical marijuana first.

Recreational use is something Chief Keel and other law enforcement agencies are worried about. He’s also worried about any of this marijuana being put out onto a “black market.”

Chief Keel said, “I’m a law enforcement officer and I took an oath to uphold the laws of this state and the United States of America. Marijuana is illegal. It’s a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, which means it has no medical benefit.”

He also believes this legislation could negatively impact their fight against the opioid crisis.

Supporters of the bill say medical cannabis will provide relief for thousands of people suffering from debilitating conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and PTSD.

The Compassionate Care Act is in committee.

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