My Take: More violence in Columbia

My Take: More violence in Columbia

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It’s becoming a broken record. Last weekend, there was more violence in Columbia.

This time, a 21-year-old man’s life was cut short after being shot at a gathering on Gervais Street. Darold Dantzler the second was killed and two others were hurt. As of this recording, no arrests have been made.

Columbia’s police chief Skip Holbrook is fed up with gun violence and is imploring legislators to help police in doing something about it. In a letter to state leaders, he called for a series of actions. Among them: toughening state laws for felons in possession of guns and instituting graduated sentences.

His requests also address restricting gun possession as it relates to suspected mental illness and drug use.

Chief Holbrook is also pushing for a universal standard to follow when it comes to background checks.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t about gun control. No one is asking for guns to be taken from mentally fit, law-abiding citizens.

It’s about common-sense ideas to cut down on the gun violence that just continues to grow.

Consider this - we have already had six shooting deaths in Columbia this year - and it’s only February! That’s two more than this time last year.

Data from 2018 shows homicides rising in Columbia, while they are declining at a double digit rate in cities such as Charlotte. Chief Holbrook isn’t asking for anything radical here.

The WIS Editorial Board stands with him. We implore state leaders to carefully consider his request - and then to follow through with action.

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