‘Literally rotted to death’: Ex-nursing home workers face neglect charges in 2 deaths

Ohio AG: Nursing home patients 'literally rotted to death'

COLUMBUS, OH (WBNS/CNN) - Seven former nursing home nurses face charges in the death of two patients in 2017.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the charges stem from patient neglect and inadequate care at Whetstone Gardens and Care Center he called “gut-wrenching."

They were indicted by a grand jury and face 34 charges overall, including manslaughter and gross patient neglect.

It was so bad, one man literally rotted to death.

“It was a medical emergency, but the nurses delayed sending him to the hospital and the patient died on March 5 of 2017 from septic shock,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said. “Experts say he could have survived had he received timely medical treatment. This man literally rotted to death.”

The sepsis occurred because the staff at the facility failed to properly care for the wounds the man developed, WBNS said.

Some of the charges involve falsifying medical records and forging signatures, which Yost said contributed to the death of another patient.

The records showed she received care that the facility never provided.

The seven workers are scheduled to appear in court March 4.

An attorney for the nursing home said all of the employees involved in the alleged incidents were fired two years ago, WSYX and WTTE reported.

“We were just as mad as everybody and what happened is unacceptable," said Ryan Stubenrauch, a spokesman for Whetstone. "That’s why we acted quickly and immediately to remove the people who had broken our rules and violated our trust.”

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