Resources offered to help residents of Allen Benedict Court

Resources offered for residents of Allen Benedict Court

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - As residents of Allen Benedict Court continue with the weeks-long dilemma of being relocated after a deadly gas leak, many of them have complained about how the Columbia Housing Authority has been handling this process.

Resident Elaine Leggett said last week that she wasn’t getting much help from the Cecil Tillis Center staff, and that in her experience they had been rude and showed a lack of organization. But on Monday, Leggett said it seems that things have turned around for the better.

“Last time, I was treated rudely and didn’t get help,” Leggett said.

But after her interview with WIS last week, Leggett says that things have taken a turn at the Tillis Center.

“Big difference,” she said. “Today I got greeted, and asked what did I need help with. I’m excited that they finally realized that we’re stressed out. I’ve been talking to you guys, you guys have been my support system.”

The Tillis Center has been marked as the hub for residents to find assistance and, according to officials, residents can find help with housing vouchers, receive donations and transportation assistance, as well as speak with crisis intervention specialists.

Donations from the community have poured in to the Tillis Center, but CHA officials say if those who want to help call ahead first, it will help staff facilitate, organize, and distribute those goods.

This is a list of numbers CHA has compiled for residents and for those who want to help:

Volunteer Efforts: 803-261-4723

Offering Donations: 803-254-3886 ext 234

Resident Assistance (Tillis Center): 803-376-6215

24 Hour Resident Updates Hotline: 803-254-3886 ext 386

Right now, officials say residents need donated gift cards as most are staying in local hotels and going through the relocation process.

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