Family for Life: Fun and games with James

Family for Life: Fun & Games with James

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In this month’s Family for Life, we’re introducing you to a 14-year-old named James. He’s pretty shy but loves video games so we took him to Dave and Buster‘s for a day of fun.

From motocross… Just pick a game... any game and you’ll learn James is like a Jedi.

Judi racked up some points on skee-ball and hit a couple of lucky shots, but once James sees it, reads it, or does it once, he’s locked in for the win!

“Listen, we were both pretty bad at the dancing game,” Judi said

But James isn’t cutting her any slack.

“I still got better than you!” he pointed out... and he’s right!

Over lunch, James opened up a little and told Judi, science is his favorite subject in school.

“Science is fun and you find out new things every day,” he said.

He also likes to play outside.

“I got down to like three less seconds!” James said. “I suddenly took off past everybody!”

He also loves watching scary movies and Animal Planet marathons.

But when the subject of adoption comes up, James pumps the brakes.

“I’m not going to get all emotional randomly,” he said. “Everybody cries when they think about adoption.”

It’s easy to understand why he doesn’t want to talk about it, but he definitely thinks about it.

“If I do get a Forever Family, they’re going to be a nice family, caring family, and they’re going to have lots of love to give.”

He has a lot of love to give, too.

When we slide in one last question between games asking James what would make a dream day for him, he said this was it!

The only thing that would make it better would be to come back with a family of his own and tell them how he left us in the dust!

James said there are really just two things he wants from a family: home cooked meals and to promise to never leave him like his mom & dad did.

If those are promises you can make, call Heartfelt Calling at 888.828.3555 to find out more about James or other children who might be the perfect fit to bring even more love & joy into your home.

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