My Take: Who is going to do something about the trash along SC roadways?

My Take: Who is going to do something about the trash along SC roadways?

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Trash, trash, and more trash.

You can't help but see it along the sides of our roads or in vacant lots.

Sadly, our roadways aren't any better.

We've spoken to leaders who acknowledge the problem. But right now, the threat of fines doesn't seem to be a deterrent.

According to Palmetto Pride, more than $340,000 in fines were collected from nearly 900 successfully prosecuted cases. That’s reported from the 24 enforcement agencies that received a 2017-2018 Enforcement Grant.

Last year, there was also legislation passed lowering fines to between $25 and $100 as well as the possibility of community service. The idea is that lower fines will encourage troopers to write more tickets for what may seem like minor offenses.

So why does it continue? Obviously, some people just plain don't care what our communities look like. Is it sheer laziness? It's not like trash cans and recycling bins are hard to find.

The SCDOT has major clean-up days during the course of the year, but it clearly isn’t enough.

In a little over a month, visitors from around the country will be coming into Columbia for the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. That single weekend is expected to generate more than $10 million for the city. For some, it will be their first visit to our community.

Is this the sight you want them to see as they travel along Two Notch Road and other thoroughfares?

If you see someone dumping trash or littering, report them. And if you are one of the guilty parties, take a second to consider how you are trashing greenspaces and harming our environment for the generations that follow.

This is one issue we can't afford to put off for another day.

That’s My Take, What’s Yours?

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