Army leaders speak to ROTC cadets at leadership symposium

Army leaders speak to ROTC cadets at leadership symposium

FORT JACKSON, SC (WIS) - ROTC cadets from colleges around the Carolinas got a chance to speak with army generals recently.

Several army leaders visited Fort Jackson to speak to more than 300 cadets from several schools including The Citadel, University of South Carolina, and South Carolina State University.

The cadets were able to talk candidly with army leaders on numerous topics.

"I've seen that some of the general officers came from our school program from General Crawford to retired general turner to see them up there from our legacy inspires me to one day get in their shoes and even if I don't make it to still have the tenacity they have throughout their career," Cadet Jennifer Jeffcoat, Battalion Commander from SC State University said.

Many of the Army leaders in attendance are from or attended college right here in South Carolina.

“It’s heartwarming. I’ve got great faith in this next greatest generation of leaders,” U.S. Army Chief Information Officer Lt. General Bruce T. Crawford said. “They’re enthusiastic, they’re inquisitive and they understand the value of leadership and of responsibility.”

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