Allen Benedict Court residents shuttled from hotel to hotel after property is evacuated

Published: Jan. 30, 2019 at 7:51 AM EST
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Some residents from Allen Benedict Court tell us they weren’t surprised that living conditions at the property caused two people to pass away.

Families living at the property have been shuffled from hotel to hotel after being evacuated from their homes and now they aren’t sure what the future holds.

“I didn’t even have to wait for the autopsy,” said one resident who didn’t want her identity revealed. “I knew already what the problem was. I’ve been putting up with it for three years, and I’ve just been praying for somewhere decent to live.”

Representatives from Columbia Housing Authority told WIS they’re currently bringing in residents for orientation, where they will able to choose between getting a Section 8 voucher, or moving to another Columbia Housing property.

They say they’ve been applying for funding to tear down the outdated property for quite some time to offer more modern options for residents and haven’t heard back yet.

But the families who live here say all of this action should've happened before two people had to die.

“Would you want to go back into Columbia Housing,” we asked the woman from Allen Benedict Court.

“Oh my God, no.”

Columbia Housing Authority representatives say they need for landlords in the area who are willing to accept the Section 8 vouchers to get in contact with them.

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