My Take: The 2019 State of the State address

My Take: The 2019 State of the State address
Henry McMaster delivers his 2019 State of the State address. (Source: SCETV)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - On Wednesday night, Governor Henry McMaster delivered his State of the State address.

During the nearly hour-long speech, the Governor laid out a wide-ranging agenda for 2019, one which touched on topics including workforce development, protecting natural resources and battling the opioid crisis.

But the topic that had many talking was teacher pay. It’s no secret that South Carolina lags behind other states. And a key to changing that is recruiting and retaining good teachers.

"My executive budget calls for a 5 percent teacher pay raise, totaling $155 million,” the governor said during his address. “This will increase average teacher salaries, in South Carolina, above the Southeast average.”

Being perceived as weak in education is not good. But, being perceived as not committed to fixing it is disastrous. We will fix it and we will keep winning.

No matter your political persuasion, increasing teacher pay is something most can rally around. The key to action on this issue and others is cooperation.

What we saw and heard this week was encouraging. Governor McMaster says he is ready to work together. Those across the aisle seem to be receptive.

In this time of national political divisiveness, it’s nice to see our state leaders willing to cooperate.

Let’s just hope these are not simply empty words and instead that we are on the road to bi-partisan work to make South Carolina a better place.

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